Jeanne has spent the last 23 years in environmental corporate life, working with corporations and agencies to heal and protect the environment and keep people safe while doing this important work. For the last several years, she has also found great fulfillment in her mission of helping others to know their own greatness. Jeanne’s approach is a blend of energy healing practices and traditional life coaching drawing from:




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Spiritual Center and School

  1. Co-Active coaching, as taught by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI®). Like CTI, Jeanne believes that every person is ‘creative, resourceful, and whole’

  2. Crystal and sound healing

  3. Integrated Energy Technique (an angelic healing)

  4. Peruvian Shamanism (Jeanne is aligned with two Peruvian lineages)

  5. Reiki

  6. Akashic records and the ability to access and interpret past lives

  7. Energetic brain re-wiring to remove unhelpful thought and reaction patterns

  8. And, most importantly, her own connection and relationship with universal energies that desire to assist humankind in evolving our consciousness

From childhood, Jeanne has been seeking to understand how Earth works… what is going on here? Raised staunchly Catholic, she found early guidance in Catholic contemplative, Henri Nouwen, and Catholic mystic, Thomas Merton. As she progressed on her journey, there were other influences:

  1. Teillard de Chardin — the first suggestion in her life that we are all God evolving and expressing

  2. Ayn Rand — a motivator to choose our lives and fulfill our potential, for the sheer joy of it

  3. Degree in Chemistry, with emphasis on physics and the study of how things work

  4. Degree in Philosophy, with emphasis on Eastern religions — where her appreciation of the Buddha began

  5. Seth — as delivered through Jane Roberts

  6. Sage — as delivered through Mary Ann Robbat

  7. Her own guides — including her own Soul, Seth, Sage, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, St. Germaine, Melchizedek, Rainbow, Crystal, Silver and Gold energies

The most important thing about Jeanne is her solid belief that each life is intended to be one grand adventure. When we lose our sense of choice and adventure, we suffer. The suffering is the result of our belief system… and we have the power to change our belief system. She believes that every being can know its own greatness.

Jeanne can lead you to a more intuitive understanding of your purpose in this life and help you identify and move through blocks that stand between you and fulfillment. 


Jeanne is delight itself… literally, the light. It is her lightness of Soul that both provides her access to the spiritual realm and attracts those who want inspiration and healing. And she has a powerful and growing connection to that realm. Her intuitive knowing, the information she receives, and the healing resources working through her are remarkable. Whatever a person is facing, Jeanne is undaunted. She knows without a doubt that we all have access to our multi-dimensional soul. She knows that the soul has the resources to deal with whatever life may bring, and to spiritual energies and entities who want to help. All you have to do is be willing… truly willing.