We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

~ Albert Einstein






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“As a not-for-profit educational institution for children and adults, Shine exists to educate its students and the general public in matters related to personal growth and development to enhance the human experience of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Shine provides classes and other individual and group learning experiences related to metaphysics, relational healing and peacemaking, personal wellbeing, and all other related topics.”


Spiritual Center and School

Shine is about surrendering to your own greatness... letting it flow effortlessly into your life so you can live in infinite joyful possibilities.

Using Shine’s model of clear-connect-create, you can learn to shed limiting beliefs, pain, and fear. Claim the multi-dimensional support and inspiration available to you and live your dreams. 


Shine is what we all want to do and what we want you to do! It’s what we’re here to do:  to help you shine the light that you are into the life you choose — to bring your unique light to the world. 


Shine is a space — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — that will support you in clearing your fears and limiting beliefs, connecting to your multi-dimensional self, and creating the life you want.

Shine is a place to joyfully create healthy minds, bodies, and hearts, empowering relationships, abundance, and well-being.

Shine is a school… a place to learn about you, about universal and metaphysical truths, about your own capacity to live in connection to the vast universe and create from those aspects of yourself. Shine is about discovering your life purpose and living it.


What is in the way of you shining?  

Everyone is unique, but we share some themes that get in our way:

  1. Fears from this life and other lives... fear of failing and fear of succeeding... fear of abusing power.

  2. Limiting and linear beliefs around abundance and the concept of work. Linear beliefs about time, sequence, and what it takes to 'get it done.'

  3. Fears around intimacy and vulnerability — with self and others.

  4. Belief that success and joy are the result of 'hard work.' 

  5. Belief that anyone — and we mean anyone — other than 'you' is responsible for 'your' life experience.

  6. Belief that acknowledging your greatness is egotistical. Belief that the ego is the root of all evil. A basic sense of unworthiness.

  7. Belief that 'karma' is unavoidable.

  8. Attachment to 'our story'— our view of who we are in the world... a story that often hold limits from the past and the perception of others.

  9. Forgetting that we are multidimensional beings having a rare and wonderful adventure here on Earth.


These are just a few of the thoughts that limit our ability to flow into our greatness. 

At Shine, we help you work through these beliefs, step into yourself, and create the life you want. We work with you to trust yourself, call on your purpose, become limitless, and shine!