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Spiritual Center and School

Steve spent 2001 through 2012 as Minister of Unity on Cape Cod, one of over 900 Unity centers worldwide. His responsibilities at Unity included counseling, teaching, and pastoral care, but by far his greatest joy was “downloading” and delivering lessons from Spirit. These he offered, to increasing acclaim, in Sunday talks and small group classes. He is a truly inspired and inspiring speaker and teacher.

Steve also serves as a leader in the Unity movement. Recently completing an 8-year term, three as President, on the Board of Trustees of Unity’s Eastern Region, he was appointed in January 2013 to the global Board of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Steve has been on a spiritual path since childhood, leaving home for a Catholic seminary in 9th grade! A practicing Catholic through his early college years, his philosophy became influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand, wherein he learned the virtues of self-appreciation and accomplishment. As a result, for nearly 20 years, until he discovered Unity, he walked an unstructured spiritual path, finding solace and inspiration in the natural settings of California and Hawaii.

Steve enjoyed a long and successful career first as a medical laboratory scientist and administrator, then, after completing an MBA from Pepperdine University, as a hospital administrator. Much of his later career was spent in new business development for healthcare systems in California, Hawaii, and Virginia. Having taken on increasingly responsible roles as a lay leader, he left his healthcare career for the Unity Ministerial Education Program in 1998.

The greatest spiritual experiences in Steve’s life have come in the past six years: three near-death experiences and a powerful spiritual transformation that was initiated and facilitated through his healing work with Jeanne. A story unto itself, these experiences have helped Steve to know beyond a doubt that we are all unconditionally cherished by the universe, that we are spiritual beings, powerful beyond our dreams, and that there are many guides, masters and energies that would support us on our journey. Steve’s closest guides are Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Seth, and Sage. Following the lessons inherent in these experiences, and the guidance offered by his spiritual companions, has led to a life transformation characterized by purpose, joy, and creativity… and ultimately to his partnership in Shine.


Steve has a unique way of sharing his humanity in a way that is deeply compassionate but also calls you forth. His blend of life experience, ministerial counseling, coaching, and healing is rare. He is able to push you forward in your life while providing a safe place for you to explore and express yourself. You will feel remarkably supported and motivated to look deeply and make movement. Ever enthralled by the human condition, Steve will search, share and support, but always come back to ‘So What?’ The focus is on how you are going to use your experiences to create the life you want.