Live purely. 

Be quiet. 

Do your work with mastery. 

Like the moon, come out

from behind the clouds. 


                         ~ Buddha



Soul mate or soul nemesis?

by Jeanne Reilly Burgess

I had an interesting life and meditation experience that I just have to share. It turns out that all us Lightworkers aren’t necessarily on the same page. It also turns out that how we choose our Earthly relationships might have something to do with where we come from. Let’s see if I can relay this….  Read more.

What kind of friend are you?

by Jeanne Reilly Burgess

Buddha says “An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast;

a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”

So, I asked the Buddha ‘what does this mean?’ … since my job, the way I understand it, is to interpret the Buddha for the new Age. I like to pick Buddha sayings that are perplexing and this one seems pretty straight forward, yet it got my attention.  Read more.

Buddha Says What?  Turn the Other Cheek?

by Jeanne Reilly Burgess

So, am having a meditation around all kinds of things… Buddha is guiding me.  We get done with ‘my stuff’ and I say “So, shall we start?”  Buddha says something like “Sure, let’s start with a simple teaching Turn the Other Cheek.” I say “Hey, that’s not yours… that’s Jesus’.”   Read more.






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