Soul mate or soul nemesis?

by Jeanne Reilly Burgess


Live purely. 

Be quiet. 

Do your work with mastery. 

Like the moon, come out

from behind the clouds. 


                         ~ Buddha







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I had an interesting life and meditation experience that I just have to share. It turns out that all us Lightworkers aren’t necessarily on the same page. It also turns out that how we choose our Earthly relationships might have something to do with where we come from. Let’s see if I can relay this….

I’ve had this experience in my life recently where I have a person who, for reasons that I can’t understand, is highly energetically opposed to me. I am attuned with abilities to see into other people and what they are feeling and what is driving them.  This person has launched multiple psychic attacks — though I don’t even know if she consciously knows it. There was no 3D contact; all in the energy. It was soooo weird.   Understand too, that in the recent past, this person came to me in the energy repeatedly looking for healing. I feel a deep soul connection to this person whom I barely know in 3D life. I went to a shaman that came highly recommended from a friend. Within minutes, the shaman confirmed the source of the ‘attacks’ and that, in fact, that person had been my abusive husband in a previous life and had beaten me to death. Yup, beaten me to death. And, I am pretty sure they’d like to beat me to death in this 3D life. So, we healed that energetic connection… closed the door to that person’s energy. And, I thought that was the end… and that was enough... but, there was more.

I felt this person who was so opposed to me was also convinced that she was living ‘on purpose’, zealously so. How could her deep opposition to me be congruent to her purpose? It didn’t sound right. I am not opposed to her… my feelings are more in the ‘live and let live’ camp. This puzzled me, so I took it to meditation. In short, I asked Spirit how two people could be so opposed and both be ‘on purpose.’

Spirit told me that there is indeed a battle that has been going on. They said ‘battle’ isn’t exactly right… but close enough. We can interact with people who are directly opposed to us and we can both be ‘on purpose.’ Again, I said ‘how can this be?’   Well, this is where it got pretty wild… definitely stretched my perception of Earth. It goes something like this…

I came here, along with others, from a specific ‘place’ in the Universe, with a specific purpose. Other people came from other places with other purposes. My purpose is about freedom and liberation. I am a Universal freedom fighter; I came to Earth to spread freedom. Others came from other places with other missions. Some even have a mission that is more aligned with harvesting energy from the people on Earth, serving the establishment, controlling. So, yes, we can all be ‘on purpose’ and with very different missions. And, when I say ‘came to Earth‘ — I mean many, many lifetimes ago.

The person that the shaman helped me heal with, to close the door to their attacks, just seems so angry and bitter… so vengeful. It’s been a mystery to me. Spirit helped me to see that it’s more that she also has a mission. It is directly opposed to my mission. My ability to break away from and heal my relationship with her has had an effect on her. She has also been in this for eons… and this was not the outcome she wanted. In a sense, she is grieving the loss of the battle.

Oh, here’s another little bit that Spirit illuminated…. oh boy! THIS IS BIG. As Spirit was explaining to me that we all come from different places with different missions, I said this was challenging to my view that we all get together ‘up in heaven’ and plan our lives together…. that we have soul families and we live lives together over and over again. We plan with each other what lessons we want to learn , what roles we will play for each other… and when it is all done, we meet back up in ‘heaven’ to review how it all went and plan it all again. Well, that is a quick summary of how I see it. Spirit said these two ideas were not in conflict at all… both are true. 

We may have come to Earth lifetimes ago from different places with different missions, but once we enter into the Earth experience, we must play by ‘Earth rules.’  We still carry our core blueprint and our core mission, but we enter into relationships on Earth over lifetimes and, for lack of a better reference, we are on the karmic wheel of Earth. Further, we are ‘trained’ to seek out those who most threaten our mission. It is a classical analogy (reality?) of light and dark. So, controllers will seek out freedom fighters and vice-versa. However, since for many of those lifetimes, we didn’t have conscious knowledge of our mission, we were simply drawn into relationship over and over again with someone who was our opposite… and we were both trying to ‘win.’    Sure, along the way we learned many Earth lessons, all geared at bringing us to our wholeness. But, ultimately, we were trying to win. [NOTE: all relationships don’t fit this pattern, but there is a certain type of relationship that has played out over many, many lifetimes that absolutely fits this story. If you have one, you will know it.] It makes me wonder what a soulmate really is? Perhaps within the context of Earth they are a soulmate in that we’ve lived many, many lives together… but what if we sought out that soul originally because we were opposites trying to ‘win.’ 

So, back to the shaman. After that healing, I expected to feel great. But I didn’t. I felt ‘off.’ So, I asked Spirit about that too. That’s really when Spirit went to the war analogy (that they kept saying wasn’t quite right, but close enough for me to understand.) Spirit said, your relationship with this person has been going on since the dawn of time. Can you imagine that after eons of the battle, you might feel tired…like you need to go lick your wounds. They showed the analogy of the medieval king returning victorious from the final battle in a many-year war. Can you imagine he might retire to the depths of his castle to convalesce. Might keep the sunlight out, sleep for days… speak little… process the atrocities he has seen… grieve for himself, for the ‘other side’ and for all the pain. The absence of the battle might almost feel like depression, because it is a relaxation he has not known in many years. In fact, he must learn to let go of the time-worn anxiety pathways that he has developed in response to living in a state of constant threat. Slowly, he will heal and recover. 

One day, he will feel restored. He will call for a celebration of the kingdom. The battle is over. All of the resources spent on the battle can be redirected to improving the lives of the kingdom… invest in innovative ideas that had been tabled during the war years, feed the souls of the people instead of struggling to feed their bodies. At the celebration, where there is rich abundance for all, he reads out a new charter for the kingdom…. a charter focused on growth and fulfillment…. a charter that declares freedom and independence… a charter focused on every person being happy, abundant and fully alive… on all people working together in peace and harmony.  Spirit was telling me to be patient while I convalesced, for I will soon declare a day of celebration and read out the new charter of my life. That is intrinsically valuable, and will uplift many others too.

I am not quite there yet… but I can see it… and it is coming soon. I have freed myself…. the first job of every good freedom fighter. Now, my work here can truly begin.

[NOTE: I again feel the need to remind readers that all attempts to describe channeled information and 'how the Universe works' are limited by language and our ability to perceive many dimensions at once, all intertwined and working together.  Feel this stuff out for yourself... don't get too hung up on all the word and relational choices.  Feel for a truth.]