The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

~ Helen Keller



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Offered in four 2-hour sessions

Shine’s Introduction to Spiritual Principles provides an opportunity to share our individual spiritual journeys, appreciating both the uniqueness and commonalities of our separate paths. The course introduces basic spiritual principles such as the nature of spiritual reality and the power of thoughts and words.   Read more.

BASIC MEDITATION PRACTICE    Offered in eight 1-hour sessions

Shine offers guidance and support in a meditation practice that consciously connects you to your multi-dimensional self… your soul… and to other spiritual support. Through practice, we become familiar with processes that enable us to expand our consciousness to encompass the energy and information that our soul has gleaned through many, many lifetimes, and to bring that energy and information to bear on our life here and now.   Read more.

HEALING PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS   Offered in four 2-hour sessions

Shine’s Healing Personal Relationships course guides and supports you in transforming personal relationships past and present. All of life is relationship…relationship to self, other people, situations, and things. Founded on the truth that we are all spiritual beings who have chosen this earthly experience… and that we are all at choice, all the time… Healing Personal Relationships transforms our experience of being with ourself and others.   Read more.

ABUNDANT LIVING    Offered in four 2-hour sessions

Shine’s Abundant Living course introduces the metaphysical principles of prosperity and abundance and provides an opportunity to practice them in your life. Read more.

GNOSTIC GOSPELS SERIES    Offered in four 1.5-hour sessions

The Gnostic Gospels, a collection of about 50 manuscripts from the 2nd through the 4th century, offer deep insight into the nature of spirituality and an entirely different understanding of the teachings of Christ than is taught in traditional religion. Meaning literally “to know,” Gnosticism is founded on the understanding that each of us can know Spirit directly, without the need for intermediaries.   Read more.

12 POWERS COURSE     Offered in twelve 1.5-hour sessions

Employing teaching, meditation, exercises, coaching, music, and sharing, Shine’s 12 Powers is the cornerstone of our educational work. Loosely based on Charles Fillmore’s book, The Twelve Powers of Man, the course is designed to deepen your awareness and expression of the soul’s inherent spiritual power.   Read more.




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