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What lies behind us and

what lies before us are

tiny matters compared

to what lies within us.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

For both coaching and healing, we invite you to enter a safe space where we can help you explore you. Coaching and healing sessions are tailored to your individual needs and desires. Jumping off from the question, “Where do you not feel great?” we rely on our training, experience, and intuition, as well as direct universal support, to guide each session. 

Contact us for more information or to sign up for a coaching or healing session at Shine Spiritual Center and School.

COACHING   Offered in 1-hour sessions

Shine coaches from the perspective that every person is 'creative, resourceful, and whole.' There is nothing wrong with you… you have simply disconnected from your own greatness. Shine is committed to the science and philosophy that all ‘things’ are energy — thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Respectfully, and with your endorsement, Shine will challenge you to take steps to bring yourself fully into the world. Using personal fulfillment, visioning, and perspective balancing as signposts, together we will design a coaching approach that releases your limitations and holds you accountable to reach your goals. With you as a willing, co-active partner, Shine will lead you to a more intuitive understanding of your purpose in this life and help you identify and move through blocks that stand between you and fulfillment. Together, we will design a transformational relationship that will help you shine.

HEALING   Offered in 1-hour sessions

Shine’s healing is inspired by universal energies. In the place of 'healer,' we simply open up the connection to Universal Spirit and do as guided.

We are each unique beings with a unique history and energetic signatures, so each session is tailored to yours.

A session may include energetic clearing and fortifying the physical and energetic bodies, healing of 'past' lives that are impacting your current ability to shine, healing of relationships, physical healing, mental healing, and re-establishing your energetic autonomy.

Healing is assisted by direct guidance from Spirit in the form of your own soul, higher self, spirit guides, animal energies, angels, and other expressions of universal energy. In addition, we may use light, sound, and crystal energy as guided, energetic 'brain rewiring' techniques, and myriad energetic techniques to raise your vibration.

Most sessions involve brief discussion, sometimes in a meditative state on our healing table, a debriefing of the experience, and suggested practices to support you as you return to your everyday life.

THE LITTLEST SHAMAN   Healing sessions offered for children of all ages

Inspired during a healing session about five years ago, The Littlest Shaman’s mission is to help support children’s innate connection to Spirit. Each session is different, but with a constant focus on exploring and reinforcing children’s intuitive spiritual understanding. The Littlest Shaman supports children’s ability to follow their own spiritual guidance without use of intermediaries.

In a time where many children are having multi-dimensional experiences that the adults in their lives may not understand or be comfortable with, The Littlest Shaman helps children understand what they are experiencing from a place of power, rather than fear.

Typical activities include guided meditations and connections to angels and nature to obtain personal messages. Often, the experience is supported by a game or craft to bring the experience into manifestation.

In addition, music from different spiritual traditions is used. Some favorite lyrics of The Littlest Shaman include ‘This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it Shine’ and ‘I am brave, I am bold, my own Spirit I can hold.’

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