From Shine’s 12 Powers Course:

What people liked most...

"Learning another way to live my life, knowing that there is another way to trust and love myself. You created a safe, loving, and validating environment. To learn to open up to spirit and what spirit is. You challenged my shyness and trust issues. I know everything will be OK. Thank you, Jeanne and Steve; you both truly changed my life and I’m beginning to be excited about making changes, instead of terrified.”

“Playing in a spiritual environment.”

“The gentle pushes to really go deep and get real were uncomfortable… it was a true gift.”

“The safe space created to be open, honest and provide the opportunity for growth and insight. I loved the exercises and accountability of the homework.”

Other comments...

“You challenged my shyness and trust issues.  I know everything will be OK.”

“Thank you so much. Clearly you both put a lot of effort into it. Very wise, support, loving. Love the ‘bowls’ but needed to grow into it, so to speak. Loved connecting with other brave souls. Love you both. You’re a great ‘balance’ to teach together.”

From Shine’s healing and coaching work:

"My sessions with Jeanne have been such a gift. Through her energy healings I have been able to let go of negative energy and fear that have kept me from identifying my soul's purpose and expressing my truest self. Our time together has been emotional and enlightening as Jeanne has introduced me to a divine support system from both within myself and beyond that echoes her own loving acceptance and warm generosity of Spirit. She has a remarkable rapport with her clients that promotes a dialogue and depth of understanding in a relaxed, nonjudgemental environment. I leave our sessions feeling fully present, empowered, and ready to express my highest potential."

                                                        -- Laura


"I've had four sessions with Jeanne so far, each one building on the one before it.   The experience is one of bliss. I went from feeling like something major was missing in my life to feeling whole in every way, with all the joy that comes with that.  From that state of mind, abundance of all things is coming to me easily. She is truly gifted as a healer and has made a huge difference in my life!"

                                                       -- Sonja


"Jeanne has the unique ability to unearth the root of a problem, then ascertain where it resides in the body, where healing is needed. After a session, I feel at peace and leave with an unbelievable sense of clarity."

                                                       -- Meagan






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At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. 

   ~ Albert Schweitzer

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