Sandwich, Massachusetts


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Spiritual Center and School

Contact us for more information or to sign up for classes, workshops, coaching and healing sessions, or to book inspirational presentations.


Shine offers you multi-dimensional solutions to life’s three-dimensional challenges. 

Shine teaches from the universal truth that every person is a vast powerhouse of possibilities. Shine is the next iteration of the many religious, spiritual, scientific, and secular teachings that have helped people understand who they are in relation to the universe and to create their lives from that understanding. Shine draws from many great teachings and, with direct assistance from universal energies, interprets them for the New Age. Our objective is to assist individuals in knowing who they are — in a physical, metaphysical and universal sense — and creating their lives from that knowing. 

We are all unique with preferred pathways for learning. We offer guided and  private meditation, crystal bowls sound healing, sound and light, energy healing, coaching, book study, discussion groups, classes, workshops, lectures, and channeling of universal energies.