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12 POWERS WORKSHOP   One-time, 2.5-hour workshop

The 12 Powers Workshop invites you to put your spiritual power to work to create the life you want! Originally inspired by Charles Fillmore’s book, The Twelve Powers of Man, this workshop employs singing bowl meditation, coaching, small group exercises, music, and personal sharing to deepen your awareness and expression of your innate spiritual powers. The workshop is also an excellent introduction to Shine’s 12 Powers Course.


SUPERMAN WORKSHOP   One-time, 2.5-hour workshop

Employing small group exercises, crystal bowl meditation, and journaling, participants are encouraged to live the lives they want, to be gentle with themselves, embrace their humanity, and to maintain a spiritual perspective about the life they’ve chosen.   Read more.

I’VE GOT A NAME WORKSHOP   One-time, 2-hour workshop

Worthiness issues abound. And yet, no matter what we think might be “wrong” with us, here we are.  We are all, like snowflakes, made in the same basic pattern, yet unique and beautiful. You are worthy simply because you are. Building on Jim Croce’s song, “I’ve Got a Name,” you’ll be invited to tune into those aspects of yourself that you own and those that you disown.   Read more.

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Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it. 

  ~ Maya Angelou